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Responsibilities include customer website design, front-end coding and improve organic seo

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Commercial real estate website design


The JLL NZ corporate website is looking to improving the overall site usability, stay connected with existing clients, reach out to potential clients, and make the website more visual appealing and engaging to the users.

Commercial real estate website design mobile

Website Goals

#1 Brand awareness

#2 Capture leads through online enquiries, newsletter signup and calls

#3 Make the contents easier to find and engaging

#4 Increase site visitors, time duration and lower the bounce rate of the local business website

Commercial real estate website design


#1 Limited budget to invest in SEO tools

#2 Limited website functionalities and website design templates that the content management system can offer

#3 Not enough data to identify the needs of target audience for each business line team

Step Process to Solutions

#1 Setting up an interview for each business line team helped me identify and understand their target audience, behaviour, needs and contents for their service page. It also helped me identify the common keywords and terminologies that they used in their communication.

On the other hand, using, Google keyword planner, Ahrefs for backlinks analysis and MOZ keyword research tool (free version) helped me identify long tail keywords that we can target.

#2 Next was to analyse the data using Google Analytics. Below are the action that I made:

  • Find webpages that users are looking for through flow visualisation
  • Review user’s location and devices
  • Check which webpages have high page visit, bounce rate and low visits
  • Check the total and type of enquiries that we are receiving in the online form

#3 Presented my data finding to our PR writer and Head of Marketing and Communications. Below are some of the data findings:

  • Once they landed on our homepage, users search for our agents’ profiles
  • Users look for our office locations and phone number
  • Users email or call us directly to request that they be included in the email list
  • High bounce rate on our news and research webpages
  • High bounce rate to all webpages in smartphone devices

#4 Created a new sitemap, sketched user flow and prepared my proposed website layouts through wireframe

#5 Collaborated with the right people and find the materials that I needed to start working on the corporate website.

#6 Redesigned and developed some parts of the local business website. Improved the site loading speed and site usability, made the website easier to send online enquiry and to sign-up in their newsletter, and added new website functionalities as well. For instance:

  • Added a property agents search function on homepage
  • Redesigned the location page by adding a Google map to our offices and a clear call-to-action to call us
  • Prominent newsletter signup and clear call to action office phone number button
  • Allowed users to browse other news articles and research materials easily without going back to the category section
  • Displayed the featured image, added social media share buttons and embedded Twitter card to make the news article page more engaging and to increase our social media followers
  • Improved the site usability on smartphone devices through seamless navigation

#7 After 3 months of deployment, I continuously improved the site usability, and presented my website analytics monthly report to our marketing head and business line teams.


Achieved 200% increase in newsletter sign up, increased online enquiries by more than 100%, increased unique and returning site visitors by more than 30%, lowered the bounce rate and improved the website ranking through search engine optimisation.

Web Technologies

HTML, CSS, jQuery, Sharepoint, Google Analytics, Ahrefs and MOZ


There are recent changes in the overall look and feel of the local business website which are not part of my scope of work anymore.

Connect With Me

I’m currently looking for a new and exciting role and/ or if you would like to collaborate, catch me at / +64 021 157 2214

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