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Team Project: Website Design & Wordpress Development

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JLL The Investor Overview


The purpose of The Investor is to reinforce existing relationships and cultivate new ones with clients/prospects by providing insights and thought leadership around global real estate investment and access to new investment opportunities that are being marketed by JLL.

JLL The Investor Project Objective

Project Objective

The primary objective of the WordPress platform is to deliver business leads to support JLL in its revenue growth strategy. Ideally, the website should be able to treat every visitor differently, show more relevant information depending on either past historical data or real-time interactions. Ultimately, JLL wants to ensure visitors get relevant information faster.

JLL The Investor Implementation

Custom Wordpress Website

The web design and development team chose to use Custom WordPress Theme as the CMS platform for this project mainly because of its ease of use for content managers. Moreover, the client is more familiar with the CMS platform which is the most widely used in their business and it supports third party plugins which allow easier integration.

Project Involvement

The team played a major role in the project, from the conceptualising phase up to the launching of the website. Website maintenance was also being handled by the team two years after the website’s initial launch. During the planning phase, we started off with conceptualising the website design and made sure that all details are in accordance with the client’s branding guidelines. Next, we worked on the front-end development to ensure that the WordPress website is responsive and functional on different screen sizes and devices. Lastly, the team worked on backend development and marketing platform integration.


*Note: There are several design, layout, and content changes in the website from our original design which we do not handle anymore.

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