Len Reynolds Trust

Responsibilities include Wordpress Development and simplified the Wordpress dashboard content management

Constantino Co
Len Reynolds Trust Project Overview


Len Reynolds Trust is a company that maintains a strong partnership with the Waikato Communities to improve the quality of life in the Waikato Region. By working with the community, they are able to provide assistance in activities involving education, environment, families, and social well-being.

Len Reynolds Trust Project Goals

Project Goals

#1 To launch the new and improved WordPress website

#2 To develop a responsive website

#3 To create an easy-to-manage WordPress dashboard for content managers

Step Process to Implementation

#1 I reviewed the project brief and website design requirements from the project manager and web designer.

#2 All the possible step process that content managers may take while managing the website content were also checked.

#3 After gathering data from all the possible scenarios from step 2, I drafted the guide on how the content managers can manage their website content. I ensured that the WordPress dashboard that they will use is simple and easy to navigate.

#4 I conducted research on site functionalities and I found a suitable library for them to use.

#5 I analysed the designs and sourcing for web pages and content section with similarities in order to make the code reusable,

#6 The time of completion for each project deliverable was determined.

#7 started with front-end development which I then integrated in WordPress CMS.

#8 Optimisation of all pages for the search engines was ensured.

#9 Afterwards, the appearance and layout of the website was checked using different screens – smartphone, tablet, and desktop.

#10 The WordPress website in staging site was deploployed for client review and presentation.

#11 After all the processes, the new WordPress website was launched according to the requirements provided by the client.

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