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Responsibilities include team lead and front-end coding

Constantino Co
Banking website development desktop


OCBC Bank is one of the oldest established banks in Singapore. It is also the second largest financial services group in Southeast Asia.

The OCBC Bank digital and marketing team initiated revamping of their consumer facing website as part of modernizing their digital presence.

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Website Goals

#1 Launch the new business website in a tight deadline

#2 Ensure old browser support for Internet Explorer 7 browser and above

Banking website development desktop


#1 There were no proper procedures and coordination between the project managers, website designers, UI/UX designers, front end developers and backend teams.

#2 The HTML codes were not properly structured and the CSS codes were not reusable

#3 Bugs were everywhere in IE 7 and above

#4 The website design did not match up with the web development output


#1 Close collaboration with project managers, UI / UX designers, web designers, front end developers and backend development team.

#2 The next step taken was to review the website designs and to rebuild some of the HTML and CSS code structures. Ensuring that it supports older IE browsers and we can easily move the HTML codes in multiple web pages.

#3 Then, I prioritise the tasks based on the urgency level. In addition, knowing each of my collaborator’s strengths and weakness enabled me to distribute the tasks accordingly.


The whole team successfully launched the new bank website in a limited time saving the company from almost half million dollar penalty, and in accordance to the client’s requirements.


Our digital agency won the “2012 W3 Silver Award Winner”.

Web Technologies

HTML, CSS and jQuery

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