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Responsibilities include custom Wordpress design & Wordpress development

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Wedding photography local business website


SoulSisters Photography provides lifestyle and wedding photography services in New Zealand.

The business owner was looking at revamping their old local business website in order to stand out and compete with other NZ wedding photographers especially in the rise of computer internet technology.

Wedding photography local business website mobile

Website Goals

#1 A clean, user-friendly and minimalist website design in order to encourage potential clients to browse through gallery of photos seamlessly

#2 Increase in online form enquiries and newsletter subscription

#3 Easy to use content management system for client to upload a batch of photos

#4 Migrate the website to a new hosting provider

Wedding photography local business website mobile


#1 The business owners wants her photos to be the main focus of the website

#2 A way to connect the business owner to past, existing and potential clients. Also to capture leads in her wedding website

#3 The business owner wants a user friendly content management system to manage her portrait and wedding photos plus the contents

#4 The old website uses a website builder which doesn’t allow us to recycle and modify the existing website template

#5 The website builder hosting service keeps shutting down which disrupts the business


#1 I designed a responsive website that has a minimalist and elegant look, providing a breathing space for users to focus their attention on the portrait and wedding photos.

#2 Allowed users to sign up on the online newsletter, placing social media share buttons on the articles and allowing users to submit online enquiry form.

#3 I used WordPress as our content management system, and we setup the dashboard in such a way that the business owner can upload batch photos and write contents easily.

#4 I advised the business owner to revamp the old website to a fresh new site since the website builder doesn’t support all the business owner’s requirements.

#5 I advised the business owner to change and used New Zealand hosting company.


Increased online enquiries by around 20%, page visits and average time on page. Awesome positive feedback pouring from the business owner’s clients. Made content management easier for the business owner.

In addition, I successfully migrated their website to a new hosting on time and avoiding the deadline of closure of it’s previous hosting company which allow the business to run without any disruptions.


Photoshop, WordPress and Mailchimp

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