Responsibilities include front-end coding and website design

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Travelbug - NZ travel booking sites


Travelbug is one of the locally owned and operated travel booking sites in New Zealand. The travel website allows you to find and book accommodations, read verified customer reviews and grab affordable travel deals.

Travelbug boasts of more than 1,200 New Zealand properties ranging from hotels, holiday parks, luxury lodges and backpacker hostels.

Travelbug - NZ travel booking sites

Project Goals

#1 Launch the revamped travel booking website

#2 Have a clean, easy-to-understand and reusable code for front-end and back-end developers

#3 Responsive website. The travel booking site should work well on desktop, tablet and smartphone devices

Step Process to Implementation

#1 Conducted a review on the project brief, establishing liaison with directors, project managers, web designers, and back-end developers to help me fully understand the target audience, website goals and site functionalities. These also enabled me to create a report on the current situation of the travel booking sites.

#2 Next, I fostered collaboration with back-end developers to obtain the requirements and technical guidelines.

#3 Then, a focused-group discussion was created with project managers, web designers and marketing manager for me to gain better insights on the following:

  • Designs that are ready for front-end development
  • Priorities and timelines
  • Necessary site functionalities for each web page
  • User flow and sitemap
  • Dynamic content creation process
  • Responsive layout creation process for smartphone display

#4 I made a flowchart for the userflow and a sketch of the sitemap.

#5 I carried out a research regarding site functionalities and found a suitable library to use.

#6 Analysis on the designs and sourcing for web pages and content section with similarities in order for the code to be reusable were conducted.

#7 Timelines for each project deliverable were provided.

#8 Recommended suitable designs to make the website more visually appealing and inviting and to turn it into a more user-friendly site.

#9 I started the front-end development and made sure that the dynamic contents are flexible. As an example, I determined how the elements will be displayed in two (2), three (3), and four (4) column grid content blocks.

#10 SEO Optimisation – I set proper heading tags for each page, meta tags, and I included alt text for the images.

#11 Cross browser compatibility and screen breakpoint checks were conducted.

#12 I deployed in staging site for review and presentation.

#13 After which, I submitted the complete front-end development project to the back end developers for integration.


The revamped travel booking sites were successfully launched in accordance to the guidelines.

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