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I boost business' local business website ranking up to the first page of Google search results

How SEO benefits local online businesses?

Know the 3 advantages of SEO for your local business website

SEO improves brand visibility

SEO builds your business’ brand awareness by making it visible to your intended audience. Making them conscious of your brand and will give you a distinct advantage to your competitors

Builds trust and credibility

Google is a trusted search engine, capitalize on this and earn your customer's trust! After all, landing your business page on top of Google search puts you in best position

SEO can increase online sales

Customers buy what they trust and what they know of. With SEO fostering trust and credibility, rest assured that your business will start seeing growth in customer base and revenue

How do I use organic SEO for your local business?

This six-step process will guide you on how I will grow your local business website


Get to know your business

Firstly, I prioritize getting to know your business and your goals. It is important to define a baseline before I create an SEO strategy appropriate for your business.


Do an SEO Audit

To reveal what is hindering your Google search ranking, I make an audit of your current website. This includes noting its speed, crawl issues, mobile optimise, heading tags, meta-descriptions, etc.


Start with your Website Optimisation

Based on the SEO audit result, I may make some adjustments. This will range from website layout adjustments to coding tweaks, up to improving your page speed. All working towards your website optimization.


Take advantage of Keyword Research

Using the most relevant long-tail keywords for your local business website, I will make sure to hit the sweet spot for Google search. Topping relevant searches in search engines will optimize your website.


Cover both On Page SEO and Off Page SEO

For your website to be optimised for Google site crawlers, a base of high quality and relevant links must be used. Google absolutely loves websites with relevant links from trusted websites.


Monitoring keyword ranking

I will report monthly on the state of the SEO campaign. Going over this, appropriate actions to improve your local business website's Google search rank will be made.

Affordable SEO Services

Affordable SEO services

Get the assurance of professional work done with a reasonable price based on the budget and requirements of your local business website.

SEO for small and medium sized businesses

SEO for small and medium sized businesses

To ensure high-quality SEO campaigns, the focus of the local SEO services is on small and medium-sized businesses.

Local Freelance SEO Services Auckland

Local SEO Services Auckland

Located in Auckland, Constantino Co is easily reached for collaboration and face-to-face meetings for a better understanding of your business website’s needs and goals.

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