User Experience Design

Get your business or brand noticed with our user-friendly solutions, which answer your customers’ needs, resolve their problems, enhance their user experience, and establish your business or brand as an industry leader.

What is UX design?

What is User Experience Design?

A User Experience (UX) design allows you to provide seamless, satisfying experiences to your customers. Its comprehensive design approach ensures accessibility, desirability, and usability. UX design prioritises customer convenience, just like how easy it is to squeeze out all the contents of a pouch rather than struggling with a bottle.

Creating enjoyable and distraction-free interactions is the goal of understanding a product’s relationship with its users. To achieve a positive and memorable user experience, UX design aims to craft products that resonate with users.

Unlimited Revisions. Modify the designs to get the best results.

Pause Anytime. Flexible project duration until it is needed.

Flat Rate. Transparent for our monthly subscription services.



Flat Rate

Up to 30 hours of work per month

No hiring or contracts required

2-3 days turnaround time

Unlimited revisions

Pause anytime



Flat Rate

Up to 60 hours of work per month

No hiring or contracts required

2-3 days turnaround time

Unlimited revisions

Pause anytime

Why hire a freelance UX designer?

Why Hire A Contract UX Designer For Your Business?

Here are some of the reasons why getting an external UX designer, either contractually or freelance, is a smart decision for your business.

Immediate hiring process: You have the option of immediately hiring external UX designers for peak periods or project-based work, saving time and effort on recruitment.

Maximise your UX design budget:
With short-term and project-based setup, you don’t have to allot a budget for monthly salary, benefits and overhead costs with external UX designers.

Flexible work arrangement
: When you hire freelance UX designers, you can easily adjust project duration, workload, and availability. If demand fluctuates, you can scale your team as necessary without being committed long-term.

Our Satisfied UX Design Clients

We have created UX designs for various businesses and brands. Here are some of our works.

Our UX Design Task Process

We simplify the process of developing your user experience interface into just three easy steps.

Task submission: We would be happy to receive your detailed instructions, specific requirements, preferences, and other requirements for your design task.

We will deliver each UI design or research one at a time so that each task delivers the outcome from the user, technical, and business objectives.

Unlimited revisions:
Your website or app can be revised as many times as you would like until it meets your requirements. Your feedback will help our UX designers to refine and adjust necessary areas of your digital products.

Sticky notes on the wall during UX workshop

UX Research

Our UX research will give you insights into how your digital products are perceived by your users.

  • User interviews
  • UX audits
  • Usability testing
  • Quantitative survey research
  • Competitor research
  • Card sorting and IA planning
UX design services

UX Design

We focus on the efficiency and quality of your online presence across all digital channels.

  • UI design
  • User flow
  • Sitemap
  • Wireframes
  • Prototype
  • Usability principles
Style guide color palette for the Lifescape web design

What is a Design System?

Digital products are made more consistent and streamlined by utilising design systems. It empowers brands as thought leaders in their respective industries, promotes consistency, enhances user experience, and speeds up product design and development. They provide a system of record for our design decisions. It keep teams aligned, onboard newly hired team members, and maintain high standards.

Our Design System Creation

Below are the high-level details of our team of UX designers responsible for creating and maintaining the design system.







FAQs About UX Design

Here are some common questions we receive about our UX design service.

In most cases, it will take 1-3 business days to complete a request. For more complex details, the timeline may be longer.

Contact us if you have additional requirements so we can discuss your requests. 

With a flexible subscription plan, you can change your needs over time without paying a full-time designer.