Virtual Assistant For Marketing and Business

Ease the burden of managing your digital content and marketing initiatives, and simplify website and email management.

Quality assurance and adjustments

Virtual Assistant Digital Manager

Empower your Marketing team and business with our specialised virtual assistant service, focusing on seamless website content management, emails and technical expertise. From content uploading to handling technical complexities, we provide efficient solutions, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most—your core business.

Virtual Assistant Pricing



Flat rate

10 hours per month

For businesses and marketing team of any size needing small digital content management tasks completed on a monthly or urgent basis.



Flat rate

25 hours per month

Top up your monthly digital and marketing content management hours with our virtual assistant service to free up time for more important tasks.

Ready to Commit?


Hourly Rate + Flat rate

Do you need more time to complete your monthly tasks, or are you considering hiring full-time virtual assistants specialising in digital and marketing management for ongoing needs?

Virtual Assistant Services

We offer comprehensive websites and email services across diverse industries, providing crucial business support.


General support

Simplify your workload with our virtual assistance service. We handle diverse tasks, including data entry, copy-paste tasks, setting up online tools and accounts, file conversions, and leveraging Microsoft Office. Whether it's converting scanned documents or screenshots to Word or PowerPoint or resolving formatting issues.


Emails and EDM management

Streamline your email experience with our virtual assistance service. We handle everything from setting up accounts using GSuite and others, creating email signatures, and leveraging popular email marketing tools like Mailchimp and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Our expertise extends to creating, testing, and refining EDM and email templates.


Digital content management

Efficiently manage your digital presence with our content management services. We handle uploading, editing, and fixing content for websites and EDMs. Additionally, we can manage content calendars and scheduling for seamless content management.


eCommerce website support

Elevate your e-commerce experience with our virtual assistant support services. We assist in efficiently managing online stores or e-commerce platforms, ensuring up-to-date product listings and pricing and seamless inventory management to streamline order processing.


Website management

Our website management services offer a seamless experience with our proficiency in various content management systems, such as Sharepoint, Adobe Experience Manager, WordPress, and more. We can help you fix color and styling issues, manage user accounts and website maintenance, create pages and optimise content for search engines (SEO) and other related website services.

General Client Questions & Answers

No! We advocate for openness and transparency. The only cost is the service packages. There are no onboarding fees involved.

The package plans are valid for one month from the time of purchase only.

All payments must be made before work commences.