Website Support & Maintenance

As the digital landscape is ever-changing, managing your website after production release is essential if you want to stay competitive. Using our quality and affordable service, we can monitor the performance of your website, update content and security.

Your Support Team That Cares About Your Business

Are you getting more white hair over the persistent issues hurting your business? Are you annoyed with other website developers who could not follow your instructions correctly and spend hours reviewing their work?

We are here to help you to get the job done so you can focus and grow your business and let us handle the nitty gritty of your business or eCommerce website.

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Our Website Support and Maintenance Services

Run your business with peace of mind knowing your website is operating at its best by the our website support and maintenance services.


Security updates

Installing the latest security patches protect your website from hackers. Our web development company updates your website’s security to keep your online presence future-proofed and safe.


Plugin and theme updates

Utilising updated plugins and themes improve the website. It is necessary to ensure that these are compatible with the latest web browsers and up-to-date security patches.


Content updates

Relevant, accurate and updated content makes your website look professional and attracts more potential customers. Content updates include removing outdated information, updating product descriptions and posting new articles.


Backup and disaster recovery

Daily backup to protect your website from any subsequent issues. Whether hacked or corrupted, it would be easy for you to restore your website with a backup. It ensures that there is no data loss, and your website is still fast and reliable.


User management

Account management includes creating and deleting user accounts, changing passwords, and managing account permissions. It is also essential to clean up bots and spam accounts.


Website fixes

Several website fixes include errors, bugs, styling inconsistency, content layout issues on multiple screen sizes and broken links. We ensure the website issues are fixed, and visitors have a great experience going through your website.


Performance monitoring and optimisation

Website performance monitoring involves identifying possible problems and fixing them. This is critical to boost your website speed and responsiveness. For website optimisation, it is important to enhance the loading times of web pages, optimise image sizes, and reduce code size.

Websites We Support and Maintain

Several individuals and brands have trusted us with their websites. Here are some of the websites that we support and maintain.

Work With Our Website Support & Maintenance NZ Team

Our website designers and website developers collaborate to ensure that our New Zealand clients get prompt, reliable service. With a thorough analysis of performance metrics, our web specialists improve the design and development state of a website. This enables our developers to minimise downtime by using server resources effectively.

Optimising your website for great user experiences is what we do best. Listed below are some reasons why we are the best choice to support and maintain your website.

Wide domain knowledge: With our team of experts, we can handle a variety of website management challenges, providing our clients with effective support and maintenance tailored to their specific needs.

Fast turnaround time: We guarantee a fast turnaround time on our Website Support & Maintenance service. Regardless of the reason for your website downtime, our highly qualified technicians will be able to resolve it immediately.

On-going maintenance: For your website’s security and performance, we provide on-going maintenance services. All websites need this to ensure their longevity and security. You will become vulnerable to malicious attacks if you do not update your website, as well as noticing gradual deterioration in performance and functionality.

Emergency fixes: If you have an issue with your website that needs immediate attention, we can provide emergency fixes. Whether it is an styling issue, bug, or broken link, we will ensure that it will be fixed as soon as possible.

Quick response time and reliable support: For our Website Support & Maintenance services, we ensure timely response times and reliable support. We assure the success of your project by providing quick responses to any issues that may arise.


General Client Questions & Answers

Check out our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our Website Support & Maintenance service.

  • It covers plugins and theme updates.
  • Admin and user management
  • Security and performance monitoring

A briefing with the client about the issue, a description of how the issue affects the website pages, and website admin access are needed.

A client briefing is necessary for us to diagnose a website with problems. Styles, browser compatibility, conflicting plugins, code legacy, downtime, third party integration, or API calls may cause the problem.

To identify the root cause of the website issue, we replicate it. Once the issue is fixed, we run a couple of tests to ensure the website is functioning correctly.