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Getting the best first impression of your clients starts with a professional web design Auckland team. Our small business web design NZ company serves small businesses by providing high-quality and professional business website design services to attract online customers and convert more sales.

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We design small business web designs to reflect your brand, who you are, what you do, and why your clients should do business with you.

Elements of a Small Business Website

The essential elements of a small business website should be clearly indicated for it to become an effective marketing tool. Typically, a small business website has four unique pages containing content ideas. These include the following:





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Your Guide to Small Business Websites

Design and functionality are both important aspects of a business website. Even though there are numerous options available, it's important to choose the one that aligns with your branding and business goals. Small business websites may take a variety of forms:

Service websites

Service websites promote and provide services to visitors. It connects providers and customers, showcasing a variety of offerings from small to large businesses. Service websites cover areas like design, development, marketing, maintenance, and more. These platforms often display past work, testimonials, and reviews, bolstering credibility.

Trust indicators such as certifications, awards, affiliations, and client logos enhance reliability, with contact options like forms, phone numbers, emails, chat support, or appointment scheduling tools, making it easy for customers to engage with the service providers.

eCommerce websites

With eCommerce websites, the transaction between sellers and consumers becomes easier and more efficient. Customers can quickly browse through products and services offered on the website. With seamless order placement and secured payment options, online shopping has never been convenient.

The size and types of eCommerce website depend on the capacity and needs of a business or brand. These can provide a great platform to reach a global audience effortlessly without investing on costly physical stores.

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General Client Questions & Answers

Check out our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our small business website design.

It usually takes 7 working days or more, depending on the scope of work.

There are 4 unique pages included in the small business website.

Unique pages have a distinct design and layout so they can be used as a template where they can be duplicated and re-used.

WordPress page builder is a drag-and-drop content editor. We preferably use Elementor to build and manage content, page layouts, and styling for the template-based and custom website design. Alternatively, we can use Divi and Visual Composer page builders, too.

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A number of factors contribute to the difficulty of using WordPress websites

  1. Some clients want to save money, so website developers develop an unplanned and unstructured CMS.
  2. Business requirements change, which impacts CMS, plugins, design, and third-party integration.
  3. Using dozens of unnecessary plugins for a basic website feature makes it difficult to keep track of settings and causes conflicts.
  4. Overcomplicated features forcing use of dozens of plugins and customisations make WordPress difficult to use.