Website Design Process

Our Auckland web design company will turn your vision and plans into a highly effective online presence.  With our strategic nine stage process, we bring your ideas to life in an intuitive and streamlined approach.

Our 9 Stages in Website Building

Building your business and brand website is not that complicated. With our web design Auckland team, we only need 9 steps to navigate you from discovery call to your website post-maintenance launch.

Discovery and business requirements gathering



We begin by listening to the client, understanding their message, goals, and target audience. This sets the foundation for a smoother web production process.

Research notes



Conducting user interviews and market research helps us gain insights into users and competitors, guiding strategic directions.
Requirements definition


Requirements definition

Deciding on the necessary framework, pages, and functionalities establishes the structure before moving to specific design elements, with decisions crucial for later stages.

Wireframes posted on the wall



Designing basic skeletal outlines aids visualisation, aligning the teams, and garnering early feedback using tools like Figma.

Website design process


Web Design

Designing the information architecture and creating high-fidelity mockup designs using Figma ensures a final look aligned with branding, colour schemes, user needs and business requirements. Prototypes and usability tests to determine usability issues and gain insights from the users.
Coding websites


Website development

Developing the website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, determining a CMS platform, and ensuring responsiveness and optimisation for various browsers, search engine and screens.
Quality assurance and adjustments


Quality assurance and

After internal testing, corrections are made, ensuring the website meets all requirements before public release. Migrate the website from local to our website hosting solution.
Launching a website



With confirmation of no issues, the site is officially launched, involving configuring hosting, domains, server settings, and monitoring post-launch performance.

Website support and maintenance


Website maintenance

Post-launch, website maintenance is crucial for ongoing success. This includes updates, security patches, backups, and regular optimisation based on analytics and user feedback, ensuring continued relevance and effectiveness.

Six Steps From Proposal To Kick-Off

Our 6-step website production process ensures a seamless process and a quick turnaround time, without compromising the quality of your business website or budget.

FAQs About Website Production Process

Here are the most commonly asked questions about our website production process.

We typically require the following details below:

  1. The nature of your business (e.g., online product sales, service with online booking)
  2. Your business challenges, goals, and vision
  3. Your target users or personas
  4. The project timeline
  5. Information about your main competitors.

No, the website production process is flexible. The necessity of going through all 9 stages depends on business requirements, scope of work, timeline, and the client’s budget.

Payment for the remaining 50% of the balance can be made once the website has been launched successfully.


Identifying your goals and target audience is critical to the success of your web design project. Regardless of your business website needs and wants, we will ensure that it is delivered to you.

Our packages

Our web design Auckland company offers cost-effective packages to enhance the online presence of your business and brand. You can achieve high-quality websites without breaking the bank.