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We specialise in crafting high-quality WordPress websites tailored for small and medium-scale businesses in Auckland, NZ. From simple, basic layouts to fully customised designs, our WordPress Designer and Developer create engaging and user-friendly websites that are pivotal in securing new business opportunities.

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Are you scratching your head over WordPress issues that are hurting your revenue? Are you tired of dealing with an unresponsive WordPress developers? Or do you just need help uploading content and making small changes to your website?

Look no further away. We are here to support your needs so you can focus on your business and spend time with your family while we do the heavy lifting.

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Trust our dedicated team of WordPress developers for reliable services, crafting high-quality websites tailored for small and medium-sized businesses in NZ. Boost your brand's online presence with our design and technical skills that drive success in the digital space.
















Our WordPress Works

Various businesses and brands have entrusted us with their WordPress websites. Here are some of our works.

The Value of Our Service

Experience consistent and effective WordPress development, dedicated to crafting elegant designs and fully customised websites.

Choose a website design package that suits your needs, and we'll provide you with a quote.

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So, Why Choose WordPress?

WordPress has been the go-to platform for most businesses and brands and here are some of the many reasons why.

Cost-Effective: WordPress is an affordable CMS with plugins and themes available for free and for different prices.

Ease of Use: WordPress makes it easy for administrators to edit pages, upload content, navigate the backend and manage content.

Plugins and Themes: WordPress users can access over 60,000+ themes and plugins, mainly free and paid.

Flexibility: Specific components, widgets and functionality requirements are easily met with flexible WordPress themes and plugins.

SEO Friendly: Many SEO plugins are available that help you optimize content, meta tags, keyword focus, and more. Each WordPress site can be SEO-ready with free plugins, such as Yoast.

Third-Party Integrations: Social media platforms, email marketing, analytics, and various third-party services can be easily integrated into WordPress.

Our 3-Step WordPress Development Process

We simplify the process of developing your WordPress website into just three easy steps.

Target Goal: Our WordPress development process is goal-oriented, focusing primarily on uplifting your digital presence to achieve targeted objectives.

Develop Website:
We build WordPress websites with accessibility and usability in mind, ensuring a positive user experience and optimisation for search engines.

Assessment and Maintenance:
We assess your website performance and maintain it to keep it working smoothly and at a high level.

FAQs about WordPress as a CMS Platform

Check out our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about WordPress as a CMS platform.

A professionally developed WordPress website, with a well-structured CMS, ensures ease of use for content managers and clients.

The difficulty may arise when WordPress developers take shortcuts to save costs, resulting in an unplanned and unstructured CMS, which can impact usability.

Changes in business requirements can impact the CMS, plugins, design, and third-party integration tools, potentially making the platform more challenging to navigate and use.

Installing numerous unnecessary plugins can complicate website features, making it challenging to track site issues, exposing to security vulnerabilities and causing conflicts between plugins.

Here’s What Our Clients Say

Our clients' words are the best way to explain why we are the best WordPress design company in NZ


Con is a breeze to work with, he is fast at replying and getting stuff done. He is very capable of all tasks I have asked of him and knows his way around wordpress like a pro. Thanks Con.

Hazel Blender

Graphic Designer

Wairere Boulders

Once again Con has fixed my problem. When my website was playing up and I didn’t know where to start to sort the issues, Con quickly and efficiently sorted everything out.

The website is now working perfectly again. Thanks Con for your help, it’s really reassuring to me that I can get the help I need, when I need it.


Managing Director

Twine Financial Advisers

Con has been our lifesaver! We are so glad to have found him and working with him has been a breeze.

Within 2 days before our launch day, Con has made our WordPress website mobile-friendly and responsive, and we couldn’t thank you enough! Thanks again Con!

Twine Advisers Mortgage

Business Manager