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LearnCoach contracted our UX web design in Auckland team to collaborate with their product designer on improving the learning platform experience.


Designed to elevate the learning experience for NCEA students, LearnCoach is an e-Learning platform that offers a personalized study program to prepare them for their exams. With an intuitive web design, students can easily navigate the platform and select their desired subjects and standards. LearnCoach provides a range of activities, including video tutorials, multiple-choice questions, past paper questions, and online assessments, that enable students to practice and improve their skills, ultimately leading to academic excellence.

Business Requirements

To better understand the scope of work and the problems we needed to solve, we gathered the business requirements and asked questions like “Why?”. Through this process, we identified several key issues that needed to be addressed, including the lack of modular and scalable content categorization and navigation, which creates web design inconsistency, website development issues, and the inability to accommodate new requirements within the existing layout.

Sitemap and Information Architecture

We collaborated with the LearnCoach team to create a sitemap that helped us better understand the current page flows. By doing so, our UX and website designer were able to gain a comprehensive overview of the interconnecting pages and identify any potential bottlenecks that could hinder the user experience.


Our website designer, working closely with the product designer, held a brainstorming session to generate ideas to address the business requirements and problems we had identified. Additionally, we conducted platform research to explore and validate our ideas and concepts, analyze the behaviour of UI components, gather reliable evidence to support our product changes and identify and solve potential usability problems.

Close collaboration with LearnCoach’s website developer is essential to identify potential website development issues when proposing new ideas. This collaboration ensures the proposed ideas are feasible and can be implemented without technical difficulties. It also allows for a smooth and seamless implementation process, reducing the risk of errors or setbacks during the development phase.

Whiteboard sketches How the UI card button works on the platforms
Whiteboard concept sketch ui buttons

Intuitive website design navigation

Effective navigation is crucial for enhancing engagement and promoting participation, making it easier for NCEA students to absorb information and access subsequent activities. By chunking the navigation into pages, NCEA students can digest the information in manageable portions, facilitating a more efficient learning experience. This approach also enables NCEA students to move through the course at their own pace, ensuring they can learn in a way that suits their needs and preferences. Over time, this can strengthen knowledge assimilation and retention.

Course Progress

In website design, progress bars effectively show NCEA students their progress within the course, indicating how much more they need to cover for a particular lesson, topic, or course. By displaying progress, students can feel motivated to continue learning, as they can see the tangible results of their efforts. This approach can positively impact overall engagement, as it enhances motivation levels.

User-friendly UI

When studying, the focus is crucial, and a user-friendly UI can aid in achieving it. This is due to the fact that it creates a more conducive learning environment. When designing the platform, accessibility was a key consideration, including factors such as colour contrast between the text and background, white space, font, and button sizes.

In addition, our UX and website designer also considered the emotional aspect. We ensured eye-catching visual aids to enhance the learning experience further.

Learning Content

We understand that the learning page is critical for NCEA students as it is where they do online learning activities, such as watching video tutorials, answering multiple-choice questions, and practising past paper questions. Therefore, we carefully consider this page’s information architecture, layout, and presentation.

To enhance the learning experience, we place the content learning at the centre of the page while allowing easy navigation and progression to the next learning using the left navigation. This design reduces the cognitive load for NCEA students as they go through their learning.

Additionally, we provide a notes section on the right-hand side of the interface, allowing NCEA students to write and save notes for future review.

The breadcrumb navigation is also essential and plays a significant role in the learning page, helping the NCEA students locate where they are in the course and navigate between standards. As an Auckland web design company, we aim to create a user-friendly and intuitive learning page that facilitates efficient and effective learning for NCEA students.

Usability Test

Our UX and website designer collaborated with NCEA students to conduct usability tests and identify any issues with the designs of the NCEA online learning platform. The results of the usability tests were analysed to identify any potential usability issues and to identify areas for improvement. We then used this feedback to iterate and improve the web design of the NCEA learning platform.

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