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Our Auckland web design company was hired to revamp the online piano course website with a youthful web design to attract a younger audience.


Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Piano Spark Method is an online platform that offers piano courses for all ages, focusing on attracting younger learners. The website offers individual courses and monthly membership plans, aiming to spark the interest of its audience in learning piano.

Piano Spark desktop, tablet, and mobile screenshot website design

Intuitive Web Design

We incorporated their brand identity into the design to create a unique and engaging website design for the client. Using playful people illustrations showcasing piano and music, along with large, rounded fonts and sketches, we aimed to appeal to the target audience, primarily teenagers.

Our highly-skilled web designer Auckland incorporated the piano concept throughout the website, utilising keynotes as background elements and incorporating props that enhance the visual. The result was an eye-catching, interactive web design that effectively communicated the client’s brand message to their target audience.

Usability and Accessibility

Our website designer prioritizes the needs of low-vision users by carefully considering colour contrast and font sizes. We incorporated large buttons to provide easy clickable areas and ensured that the content layout flowed in a user-friendly manner. To maintain consistency, we used UI components and patterns throughout the responsive website design, ensuring users can easily navigate and interact with the website on any desktop screen and mobile device.

Client testimonial for Piano Spark

Client Testimonial

As a website designer, ensuring customer privacy is essential to our work. We use playful illustration avatars to showcase testimonials instead of photos of our clients and their messages to address this concern.

Piano Spark about page screenshot website design

About the Author

The About Us page on Piano Spark is to provide an opportunity for visitors to get to know the author behind Piano Spark. By sharing her personal story of becoming a pianist, we aim to establish trust with their users and showcase her accomplishments.

Piano Spark desktop membership page screenshot website design

Membership page

Our website designer used an eye-catching illustration to differentiate the premium plan from the standard plans and opted for a dark-themed website design. This was done with the goal of making the premium plan stand out and catch the user’s attention, ultimately leading to increased conversions and sales.

WordPress Development Challenges

The client had a specific request to use WordPress Elementor page builder, as they were familiar with it, and it allowed them to control layout modifications and content uploading easily. As WordPress developer, we encountered several challenges during the website development, including reviewing dozens of plugins and migration issues. After multiple trial and error attempts, we ultimately decided to build the website from scratch with a clean installation, allowing us to expedite the process, minimise the cost to the client and simplify monitoring of plugin and theme updates.

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