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Roman Blinds Wordpress website


Roman Blinds Direct is a blinds industry located in Hamilton, New Zealand. The company sells a wide selection of curtains, cushions and fabrics blinds, allowing you to mix and select different colours, styles and cord side for your living room, kitchen, bedroom, toilet, office and other interior space.

Roman Blinds Wordpress goals

Website Goals

#1  To showcase the wide range of Roman blinds fabrics
#2 To introduce the curtains and cushions as new product offerings
#3 To provide a convenient way for customers to filter Roman blinds fabrics
#4 To improve the website search visibility in Google search engine
#5 To simplify the product management process for the business owner

Roman Blinds Wordpress design


We revamped the look and feel of the Roman Blinds Direct homepage. The revamped focuses on showcasing the eight fabrics under Roman blinds section followed by two large images with heading and description of the new products offering which are the cushions and curtains.

Roman Blinds Wordpress product filters

Product List Page

The new product list page filter allows the users to search, select multiple fabrics and colours. Also, the analytics show that users usually search for the lowest price, so we changed the product list sort order by pricing (from lowest to highest price).

Roman blinds Wordpress design product page

Product Detailed Page

To allow flexibility for users to find Roman blinds product variations, we added the ‘same fabric’ filters on the PDP.

Below is the list of product page website design enhancement:

  • We standardised the product image to square size for consistency
  • We increased the font size of the product price to improve visibility
  • We made the ‘order free sample’ and ‘how to measure buttons’ bigger and prominent as users are requesting for these details as part of their buying journey.
  • We redesigned the input field and selection buttons for the product customisation by making it easier to fill and selecting the buttons. On top of that, we added an additional layer of conditional logic to cater for the Roman blinds cord side, power supply and remote controller.
  • The business owners didn’t want the users to miss out the related fabrics for cushion and curtain so we added a section for users to navigate the product pages
  • We added an ‘inspiration section’ to increase the chance of user’s buying decision
  • We designed and added the related products to reduced the bounce rate and to offer product alternatives

Wordpress Maintenance

We created a staging site where we updated the WordPress plugins and WordPress core in order to prevent the WordPress Woocommerce site from crashing in case something goes wrong during the updates.

There’s a ton of WordPress plugins installed and activated in the WordPress ecommerce that were not being used, so we reviewed and cleaned it up.

Wordpress SEO

We did keyword research, on-page optimisation, image optimisation and build backlinks to improve the Roman Blinds Direct search ranking in Google.

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