Roman Blinds Direct

Roman Blinds Direct hired our website developer and website designer in Auckland to scale and optimise their existing eCommerce website for SEO.


Roman Blinds Direct is a blinds industry located in Hamilton, New Zealand. The company sells a wide selection of curtains, cushions and fabric blinds, allowing you to mix and select different colours, styles and cord sides for your living room, kitchen, bedroom, toilet, office and other interior space.


The Roman Blinds Direct homepage is crucial in showcasing products and driving customer engagement. Our Auckland web design team understands the importance of featuring categories and products on the homepage to encourage shopping. By strategically placing product categories and visually appealing banner ads above the fold, we create an enticing shopping experience.

The homepage’s header includes a user-friendly menu for easy navigation, allowing customers to explore product categories and access shopping carts. We also emphasize the value propositions in the header. With our expertise in web design, we prioritise creating a user-friendly homepage with seamless navigation for a successful online shopping experience.

Product Category Page

Our goal in web design for the product listing page is to streamline the product search process, enhancing user experience and driving sales. Simplifying the steps to find a product is crucial in creating a positive brand impression and fostering customer loyalty. By incorporating user-friendly product filtering, clear labels for blind patterns, visual colour palettes, and sorting options, customers can efficiently navigate the product list without endless browsing. This approach ensures a seamless and satisfying shopping experience.

Product Detailed Page

To provide more flexibility for customers in finding variations of Roman blinds, we added a “same fabric” filter to the product detail page (PDP). We standardized the product image to a square size for consistency and increased the font size of the product price to improve visibility. We also made the “order free sample” and “how to measure” buttons more prominent, as users often request these details during the buying journey.

We redesigned the input field and selection buttons for product customisation to make them easier to use. We also added an additional layer of conditional logic to account for variables like the cord side, power supply, and remote controller for Roman blinds.

To ensure users don’t miss related fabrics for cushions and curtains, we added a section for navigation to those product pages. Additionally, we added an “inspiration” section to increase the likelihood of a user making a purchase decision. Finally, we designed and added related products to reduce bounce rates and offer product alternatives.

WordPress Website Development

Roman Blinds Direct operates on a custom WordPress website with Woocommerce integration for online shopping. Upon taking over the project, our website developer conducted a comprehensive code refactoring process. This was necessary as the existing script was outdated, incompatible with the latest WordPress core updates, and lacked scalability. Additionally, there were complexities surrounding the product measurement calculations that needed to be addressed. Through the refactoring, we ensured a more robust and efficient website that can adapt to future needs and provide seamless shopping experiences for customers.

SEO Company Auckland

Having been operational for over a decade, the client’s website has achieved top 10 rankings for certain keywords in Google search results. To preserve their keyword positions on the first page of Google and promote their new product offerings, our SEO Auckland team conducted keyword research, implemented on-page optimisation strategies, optimised the images, and built quality backlinks. These efforts were aimed at enhancing the search ranking of Roman Blinds Direct in Google and ensuring sustained visibility in search engine results.

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