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Our task is to design TheMarket NZ's iOS app to expand customer reach, enhance user experience, and give them a competitive edge.


TheMarket NZ, a prominent online marketplace operated by The Warehouse Group, continues to lead the competition by offering Kiwis an effortless alternative to shop online through their user-friendly iOS and Android mobile apps. With the convenience of a mobile app, customers can enjoy a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience anytime, anywhere, in addition to the website. TheMarket's commitment to innovative solutions demonstrates its dedication to delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Easy Login and Registration

A seamless and efficient login and registration process is crucial for any web design or app design. We simplified the registration and allowed customers to use their email address or mobile number as their login. We created a smooth user experience for the account creation journey.

Product Filtering and Sorting for Enhanced User Experience

As a UX and website designer in Auckland, simplifying the product search process for customers is crucial in boosting sales and enhancing their user experience. By reducing the steps required to find a product, customers can easily locate the items they need, resulting in a positive impression of the brand and increased customer loyalty. Implementing user-friendly product filtering and sorting options enables customers to efficiently navigate the list of products without browsing countless pages.

Product Details

Product Image Gallery

We prioritise providing customers with an enjoyable shopping experience by showcasing products through an image carousel from various angles, displaying product variations, and demonstrating use case scenarios of a product.

Share Button

We aim to give customers an effortless way of sharing products with their friends on social media platforms. Our solution is a simple yet effective “Share” button on the top right-hand side of the product image gallery. By integrating this feature into our UI and web design, we eliminate the need for customers to take screenshots or copy the product name, making sharing products more convenient and user-friendly.

Add to Wishlist

We designed the add-to wishlist as it’s important to give customers the option to save products for later consideration. By allowing customers to add items to their wishlist, they can easily access and review them later. This mobile app feature enhances the user experience and provides convenience for shoppers who may not be ready to purchase at that moment but want to keep track of items they are interested in.

Shopping Cart

By designing a shopping cart in the checkout process, we build a positive user experience and allow customers the flexibility they appreciate while purchasing. A shopping cart lets customers realise their purchase in several stages when they find it comfortable.

Adding payment method icons can improve the purchasing experience, as it helps to alleviate concerns about the payment process. Furthermore, including a security icon provides users with assurance regarding the safety and security of their personal information.

Order Summary

As a UX and website designer, providing users with an order summary to verify before making a payment is important. This eliminates the risk of returns or order mistakes and positively impacts the user experience. By designing the order summary, customers can quickly and easily check if their order includes all desired items and if there are no unnecessary extras, improving their overall mobile app shopping experience.


Designing the store screen is crucial for creating a compelling virtual storefront within an eCommerce space. It’s a prime opportunity for shop owners to showcase their products and promotions through engaging banners, ads, and about the shop.

Product Category

As an Auckland web design company, incorporating category thumbnails on category pages enhances the browsing experience for customers, as visuals can convey information more efficiently than text. Research suggests that the human brain processes visual information faster than text. Adding a top-tier vertical category sidebar accommodates a more extensive range of categories, enabling users to access more specific product categories without navigating to a subcategory page.


A well-placed search bar in the header of the mobile app is a crucial feature that helps customers quickly find the products they are looking for. Customers are presented with a list of possible options and suggestions by typing in a few letters. This feature not only saves time but also enhances the overall user experience. As a UX and web design services provider, we also recommend implementing a journey builder to assist customers in finding the most relevant products on the mobile app. This personalised approach reduces the time spent browsing the app and helps customers quickly access items tailored to their needs.

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