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TheMarket engaged our web design services to design a new website for The Warehouse Group's eCommerce platform, transforming how Kiwis shop online.


TheMarket is an eCommerce platform launched by The Warehouse Group, providing a one-stop-shop for New Zealanders to purchase a wide range of products online, from fashion and electronics to toys and much more. This platform offers an extensive selection of products, giving Kiwis greater access and choice for their online shopping needs.


TheMarket NZ homepage is vital in showcasing product offerings and encouraging customers to start shopping. In website design, featuring categories and products on the homepage is one effective strategy to achieve this goal. The above-the-fold area provides prime real estate for businesses to showcase their products effectively. It encourages customers to shop through strategic product placement and visually appealing banner ads.

On desktops, the header serves as the primary navigation hub, with a clickable TheMarket logo that allows users to return to the homepage from any page. The header also includes a menu for website navigation, a search feature to find specific products, and quick access buttons for the customer’s account, cart, and wishlist. As a website designer in Auckland, designing a user-friendly homepage with easy navigation is crucial for a successful online shopping experience.

Product Category Page

As an Auckland web design company, we understand the importance of an effective product category page in website design for the business. The category page showcases products and encourages customers to make purchasing decisions.

To enhance the browsing experience, we recommend providing easy-to-select categories and subcategories for quick product access on the sidebar. Additionally, including product filters to match products to customer needs, sorting products in a relevant order, and breadcrumbs to simplify the shopper’s journey are all essential elements of a user-friendly website. Moreover, a wishlist feature can enable shoppers to create personalised collections of products they want to buy and save them for future reference. Incorporating these features can increase user experience, customer engagement and satisfaction.

Product Detailed Page

The product detail page is critical to any successful marketing strategy and user experience as it directly leads to a sale. As a website designer, it is important to provide consumers with comprehensive product information that informs their buying decision. This includes a descriptive product name, recognisable images, enlarged views, price with additional charges, clear product options, and availability.

In addition, we include a clear way for customers to add items to their cart with visible feedback. Shipping information should also be easily accessible, as customers want to know when their products will arrive. Finally, an intuitive navigation menu at the top of each product detail page can improve user-friendliness and reduce bounce rates.

Stores Page

The Store page functions as a virtual storefront within an online marketplace. It enables shop owners to showcase their products and promote them through banners, ads, and descriptions about the shop. As a result, this page plays a critical role in delivering an intuitive web design that facilitates easy navigation and enhances the user experience for customers to browse the products.

Cart Page

To ensure a smooth checkout process for customers, providing them with features that allow for easy editing of their cart items is crucial. This includes viewing the product detail page, removing products, and adjusting the item quantity before checkout. Additionally, providing customers with clear feedback when they add items to their cart helps to build trust and increase the likelihood of conversion.

It’s important to ensure the information is clear and easy to understand when displaying costs. Customers should be able to quickly see the cost of the items they’ve selected and any additional fees or charges that may apply. To further instil trust in the checkout process, we recommend including security badges and displaying accepted forms of payment, such as Visa, Amex, and Mastercard. This can help customers feel more confident in sharing their personal information, knowing their data is secure. In summary, incorporating these features into web design can improve checkout and increase customer satisfaction.

Style Guide

As part of the team of UX and website designer in TheMarket NZ, we took the initiative to create a comprehensive UI style guide. This invaluable tool is a guiding framework for UI web design and website development, bringing cohesion and consistency to the digital product’s user interface and overall experience.

In summary, creating the UI style guide for the website and iOS TheMarket NZ showcases our commitment to delivering high-quality UI web design services. By ensuring consistency, professionalism, and ease of collaboration, the style guide contributes to the product’s success, elevating its user experience and reinforcing its market position.

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