Trojan Investigation

Our website development team in Auckland built Trojan Investigation's custom WordPress website, optimised for speed and reduced maintenance costs.


Trojan Investigation and Security offer tailored security and investigation solutions. Their investigative services cater to personal and corporate needs, while their security services cover residential security, asset protection, bodyguarding, security drivers, and more.

Website Development Requirements

The client provided us with the website design files from their freelance website designer in Auckland and instructed our website developer to build a clean website with minimal plugins to speed up the website’s loading and reduce the maintenance required for the website.

In today’s world, where mobile devices are increasingly used for internet browsing, responsive website design is a crucial requirement for website development. Our developer ensured that the website was optimised for most screen devices, providing an easy-to-navigate experience for users. Responsive website design not only enhances user experience but it can also improve search engine rankings. As Google recommends responsive design as a best practice, mobile-friendly websites are rewarded with higher search engine rankings.

Live Chat Integration

Our website developer seamlessly integrated LiveChat into our client’s WordPress platform. The client sought to enhance their customer support experience by offering real-time assistance and the ability to connect with clients anytime, anywhere. With LiveChat, they can now promptly respond to customer inquiries even when the client is on the go.

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