13 Email Marketing Best Practices to Consider for an Engaging Email Campaign

With the ton of emails sent to your target customers’ inboxes each day, how can you make sure that your emails are being viewed? Read on to know more about the best practices of email marketing.


First and foremost, set your goals and identify your target audience and Key Performance Indicators. KPIs are measures of the overall success of your work or campaign. After determining your goals and setting your success metrics, you can evaluate what may or may not work for your email campaign.

Contact lists

Ensure a clean client data. Users who have unsubscribed should not receive any more emails and emails that have bounced back should be removed from the database.


When sending an email to your subscribers, ensure that the email body does not sound robotic. Personalize it by including the person’s name in the opening greeting.

Subject Line

This is one of the first things that catches your readers’ attention. Make this statement short but impactful.

Your Copy

Writing an email copy must be short and simple, and delivering a meaningful message to your target audience.


Be mindful to treat each recipient’s inbox with respect. Send only what you believe is relevant otherwise, you may risk getting blocked and lose subscribers.

Design and Visual

Use colors and images that are not only attractive but also convey your brand and the message you want to impart to your readers.

Call to Action

The placement of call-to-action buttons are critical to encourage response from your audience. The button text should guide the users on the next step to take.

Mobile Users

More and more people are accessing their emails via smartphones. Ensure that your email marketing is responsive with a width of between 320 and 540 pixels.


It should not be difficult to unsubscribe to your emails. However, before letting your subscribers go, try to offer alternative subscriptions.

Market segmentation

For better analysis and wider reach, segment your markets based on geography, demographics, and psychographics.

Email A/B Test

In an A/B test, two options for a campaign are identified and the effectiveness of these two are tested on a small percentage of the target audience. The campaign option that was determined to be more appealing to the audience wins, and it is then sent to the remaining target subscribers. By doing this, your message will be successfully conveyed using an effective email campaign to your audience.


Look at the analytics dashboards to understand your contacts’ behaviour and the rate of performance of your campaign. Check if you have achieved your goals and KPIs and always fine tune for the next campaign.


For small local businesses, an email campaign is one affordable way to reach your clients without spending money on social media and web ads. By following these email marketing best practices you are sure to reach your target audience and improve your email campaign performance.


If you need to integrate your email marketing platform to your WordPress website, contact your freelance WordPress developer to find out more details.

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