Adobe XD Covid19 Tracker UI Mobile App Design Idea

The Covid-19 Tracker is a UI mobile app design idea to help people in New Zealand stay safe against the pandemic by keeping them tracked and updated. 


The dashboard allows the user to get the latest data on Covid-19 cases around the world via graph representation. The data can be broken down by country. User can also view statistics on Covid-19 cases (clusters in the map, gender and age group etc.). 

Dashboard > Add country

Users can choose and add a country they wish to monitor. You can add as much country as you wish to your list. 


Users can read articles and watch videos related to Covid-19. They also have an option to choose which news publisher/s (be it local or international) they prefer to get their news and information from. 


Users can call their General Practitioner (GP) if they are feeling unwell, or they can call the Ministry of Health hotline number if it is an emergency case. It also shows the estimated call wait time.

From NZ Government

This page allows the New Zealand Government to send valuable information and content related to Covid-19.


This feature can help the New Zealand Government monitor those who are required to do a 14-days self-quarantine without having to manually check the person’s status daily.

Basically, the user needs to check-in twice a day and it will send a notification to the Ministry of Health to verify the user’s location and health status. This can reduce the effort needed by the Government to manually track the users one by one. 


Sources and Resource Materials

  • NZ Herald
  • Flaticons
  • Unsplash
  • Ministry of Health website
  • Covid-19 NZ government website

Note: The content and data in the mockup are not accurate. They are only being used a placeholder.

Adobe XD UI Mobile Design Details

– Downloadable Google Drive link

– Format: Zip

– Software: Adobe XD

– File Type: XD

– File size: 5.5MB

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